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When you don't have activities planned, it is likely that you will hear: I'm Bored! What Can I Do Now?

If that sounds familiar, but you would like to hear a little less of it, schedule some time for Games and Family Fun. Consider planning early in the week for weekend get-togethers with family, friends or neighbors.

Take some time to enjoy a favorite hobby, or develop a new one. Sharing your interest in various Hobbies with a child can have a monumental effect on his or her self-esteem, desire to learn, and might even increase the likelihood of (gasp) cooperation!

Sometimes it can be difficult to find common ground with even one's own children. As my kids grow older, it is nearly impossible to keep up with their likes and dislikes (although Hannah Montana seems to still be quite popular). One way that I can be sure to connect with my son; however, is through our shared love of photography. Even when there is no time to plan a specific outing: I know that if I put a camera in his hands, communication is sure to follow.

So... get out there! Do something fun and exciting! Feel free to Contact Us to contribute your own suggestions that may be of interest by season or locale.

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