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Birthday Party Printables

These birthday party printables are another way to cut the cost of your next celebration.

Maybe you do not have this problem, but my five-year-old daughter is a darling helper. Okay, that does not sound like much of a problem, and generally it is wonderful having a sidekick when it comes to just about any task around the house. The issue is that when I REALLY need something to look a particular way, her writing skills just are not quite adequate.

One evening while finalizing presentation materials for a seminar my husband was to teach the following day; the girl was just crushed that she could not make Daddy's signs "by all herself." Sure, she could help erase guidelines and help roll the paper; but for whatever reason that just did not seem to quench her desire for greatness (or maybe she just wanted to use the permanent markers).

It reminded me of seeing parents or teachers "fixing" a child's artwork to make it look "right." Obviously my husband would not have been able to confidently present in a professional manner if a five-year-old had created his visuals. The situation did serve to remind me that whenever possible we should slow it down a bit and if necessary, create opportunities for children to be a part of the task at hand.

We already have printable Birthday Party Banners to offer, but here are a few more decorations and organizational necessities which would be very appropriate for a child to personalize. Have a fun birthday party!

Note: Each of the printables on this page may be downloaded in either (or both!) of two formats: customizable and generic. Especially when placing a sign outside the home; some parents and guardians are not comfortable "advertising" their child's name. Customizable refers to a page with a line on which the child's name may be written. Generic has no line.

Happy Birthday Sign to Personalize

This birthday party printable could be used as a coloring page, an oversized gift tag, or a sign to decorate the guest of honor's bedroom door.

When celebrating in the classroom or with a sports team, etc., all of the children could sign the page and the "card" could be mounted on a colorful sheet of construction paper.

Customizable Sign to Personalize With Name Generic Happy Birthday Sign

Turn Right for Party

We have all seen the balloons on the mailbox indicating that we have arrived at the party location. Sometimes getting to the balloons is the problem. Here are some signs to help mark the route. If using the signs outside, consider slipping into a clear page protector and sealing the end with tape to somewhat weatherproof your signs.
Customizable Sign: Turn Left Generic Sign: Turn Left
Customizable Sign: Turn Right Generic Sign: Turn Right

Birthday Party Here Sign to Personalize

Here is a sign for you to place at the party location. This way, all of the guests will know they are in the right place!

Again, if you are placing this happy birthday sign in an outdoor location; consider slipping the completed paper in a page protector and sealing the open end with clear tape.

Customizable Sign to Personalize With Name Generic Happy Birthday Sign

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Special thanks to YardBunny for authorizing the use of her digital scrapbooking images which appear on this site and to AJ for designing this wonderful template!
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