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#3 Most Popular Page: Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Home

#3 Most Popular Page: Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Home

According to our web statistics, the homepage of Quality-Kids-Crafts.com is the third most popular page on the site.  This is a good page to bookmark because you will usually see the newest crafts and links to their pages.

Right now we are highlighting some of our favorite pages, but soon you will see some of our newest creations including a posterboard size calendar and a tooth fairy envelope.

So check back often when you’re looking for free printable activities for kids.  And don’t forget, if there is something you want to see, let us know.

Have fun!

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#4: Educational Printables - Alphabet Templates

#4 Educational Printables: Alphabet Templates

No, this isn’t just a popularity contest or a dog and pony show.  I wanted to highlight some of the best content we have to offer at Quality-Kids-Crafts.com.  In the number four spot is our “Educational Printables: Alphabet Templates” page.

The popularity of this page can only be attributed to the wisdom of those searching them out!  These templates are so versatile.  Use them for coloring pages, cutouts for signs, large labels or (my personal favorite) as collage backgrounds.

These templates feature both uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet in a full page format which is ideal for; well, whatever activity you choose!


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Since we are just getting in the swing of getting the blog up and running, I thought I would highlight the top ten pages in terms of popularity.  Then I decided I’d make things easier on myself and make it the top five.  Maybe next week I’ll tackle a top ten.  Or not.  We’ll see!

So, the number five honor goes to”Printable Banners for Parties and Stuff.”

#5 Printable Banners for Parties and Stuff

#5 Printable Banners for Parties and Stuff

This page is essentially an index of all of the free printable banners we offer.  No wonder it is so popular!  Print out individual letters or choose one or more of the groups of letters to create just the right banner for your party or occasion.

If you had trouble accessing the files in the past week or so, please give it another try.  We should have all those kinks worked through now, and all files should download just fine.

So, that’s pretty much it for number five.  On to number four!

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