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#1 Most Popular Page: The Banner Index

#1 Most Popular Page: The Banner Index

Interestingly enough; the most popular page has kind of already been represented.  Our Banner Index page is a topical index of the various banners we offer at Quality-Kids-Crafts.com.  So, that is a bit anticlimactic, but still pretty cool.

I would love to hear what banners everyone is printing out and how they are using them.  If you have used one of our free printable banners for a birthday, anniversary, welcome home or any other event, leave a comment below.  If you have pictures, GREAT!  I would love to see them!

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com has been around for about a year now.  In that time we have had to work out a lot of bugs and kinks along the way; but we are learning more and more about the art/science of building and maintaining a website.

So, thanks for your patience and keep on checking back for more great kids crafts!

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