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Easter Fun For Everyone

Here are some fun Easter kids crafts to enjoy. Spring flowers, a certain famous bunny and several egg templates are just waiting to be discovered. Don't forget to check out the Baby Chick Puppet, it is a personal family favorite. There is just something special about putting together a peep show with the kids! Enjoy!

Printable Cards Printable Easter Cards

With the excitement virtually any holiday seems to bring, it can sometimes be difficult for children to think of others. Whether made for an elderly neighbor, the postal carrier or your favorite checker at the grocery store, making a card to give can be an excellent activity for a child who might otherwise think that holidays are all about candy!

Be sure to use your imagination when choosing craft supplies. Consider gluing a cotton ball on a bunny rabbit for a tail, spraying a small amount of a floral air freshener or perfume on flowers, or using stamps or decorative paper punches to enhance the sensory elements of craft time. Please click here for Card 1 or here for Card 2.

Printable Easter Bunny Ears
Bunny Ears Headband

Here is a simple activity bound to become a holiday tradition. Most children enjoy the imaginative play that comes with wearing hats. These fun headbands are sure to have your little bunnies hopping for joy. Use lightweight paper for floppy ears or trace onto a heavier cardstock or construction paper for a sturdier effect. Add fluffy cotton balls to the back of the headband to help others identify which animal might be hopping away! Full size pattern HERE

Printable Easter Chick Puppet
Baby Chick Stick Puppet

Baby chicks are adorable. They are soft and fuzzy and make the faintest peep sounds. My mother told me once that when she was a child, it was common practice for children to receive live chicks which had been dyed various festive colors. She mentioned that the results were not exactly humane. Fortunately, today we do not have to resort to harsh chemicals and coping with a young child's loss of interest in his or her once-prized blue chick. Just print and decorate this Baby Chick Puppet Template and enjoy it with your little peeps! Full size template pattern HERE

Printable Easter Eggs
And Of Course We Have Easter Eggs!

On the Templates Page you will find six full-page egg patterns. No two people are alike, so why should eggs all be the same? Enjoy decorating the eggs with paints, markers, crayons, stamps or another favorite arts and crafts supply.

If you are feeling especially creative, consider adding texture to your project by placing a crumpled piece of paper on top of your work surface. Maybe you would like more of a mosaic design? Use bits of torn colored paper and sprinkle over spread glue. You could clean actual egg shells, but they can be a bit unsanitary and even a little sharp.

Happy Easter!

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Special thanks to YardBunny for authorizing the use of her digital scrapbooking images which appear on this site and to AJ for designing this wonderful template!
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