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July 4th Fun and Games


July 4th Bead Necklaces and/or Bead Bracelets
Using red, white and blue pony beads, allow children to make patriotic necklaces or fun 4th of July bracelets. Please supervise children at all times to prevent choking hazards.

July 4th Picnic
Allow imaginations to soar: pack a picnic basket with real or play food and enjoy a Fourth of July picnic lunch.

Independence Day Parade
With pre-made instruments or homemade musical crafts, allow children to parade in a specified area. Children who prefer not to have an instrument can wave crepe paper streamers or flags.

Patriotic Bean Bag Toss
Using red, white and blue bean bags, set up a game for the children with large hoops or boxes as the target. Make sure to outline the rules before play to avoid unsportsmanlike conduct! If you like, you can do a ring toss in addition to or in place of the bean bag toss.

Patriotic Paper Fans
Okay, these probably belong at the bottom of the page with the rest of the crafts, but hey, they're cute! We had so much fun making these fans and coming up with different ways to use them. Fold them accordion-style, improvise an Asian-inspired fan by adding craft sticks or invent a new way to use your fans. Just click on the thumbnails for your free printable template.
Patriotic Fan: Bunting 1 Patriotic Fan: Bunting 2 Patriotic Fan: Bunting 3 Patriotic Fan: Bunting 4

Patriotic Play Dough
Why not set out play dough in red, white and blue along with star shaped cookie cutters to celebrate July 4th? Demonstrate to children how to roll long "stripes" in red and white. You just can't go wrong with dough!

Pop the Bubble Wrap
Under close supervision, allow children to pop bubble wrap to make firecracker sounds! Talk about the colors, smell, and especially the volume of fireworks to prepare children who may be attending a fireworks display on July 4th.

Red, White and Blue Obstacle Course
This game can be modified for indoor or outdoor play. The main idea is to set up an obstacle course where children jump over, crawl under, walk through, etc. various "obstacles" in order to reach the finish line. Don't go rush out and but some obstacle course in a box kind of thing; just use pillows, chairs, hoops, boxes, and whatever else you may have on hand to make your own unique obstacle course. Keep in mind the individual skill and ability levels of the children who will be playing to provide a fun and safe July 4th game!

Water Fun
Never underestimate the excitement of water play! If you can't go outside and play in the sprinkler or go to the pool, fill a tub or water table with water and ice if desired. You can do three dishtubs with red food coloring, no food coloring, and blue food coloring, or rotate days with the colored water. Children love to splash in the water, and often enjoy playing sink or float guessing games, using water wheels, and measuring and pouring water in various containers.


Anytime July 4th Fireworks
Supplies Needed
  • 1 Sheet of construction paper per child: dark blue or black
  • Glue
  • Glitter
Allow child to spread glue on his or her paper and sprinkle with glitter for a fireworks display to enjoy any time!

Patriotic Mini-Windsock
Supplies Needed
  • Toilet Paper Roll or Cardboard Tube per child
  • Patriotic Windsock Template (see link)
  • Crepe paper streamers in red, white and/or blue
  • Glue or tape
  • Hole punch
  • String, twine or pipe cleaner
Print Patriotic Windsock Template and then color or paint two red stripes,alternating white stripes in between. Paint or color the field behind the stars blue, leaving stars white as possible. Cut along dotted lines and place on cardboard tube; secure with tape or glue. Tuck the gray portions in at the ends of the tube. Punch holes for hanger. Attach hanger (string or pipe cleaner - chenille stem) and streamers at desired length. Decorate with glitter or shiny foil stars if desired. Now you have a July 4th Patriotic Windsock!

Hand-Painted Flags
Supplies Needed
  • White banner paper
  • Red, white and blue paint (appropriate for children's use)
  • Quality Kids Crafts Stars Template (see link)
  • Glue or tape
  • If possible, an American flag to display during craft
Template: United States Flag

This is a good activity to spread over a few days, if you are looking for a multi-day craft.
Prepare the craft by cutting banner paper or newsprint into appropriate sized rectangles (whatever size you are comfortable working with) and folding paper accordion or fan style. You can decide if you think it is important to have exactly 13 stripes on the flag although we recommend no more than 5 to 7 stripes in all. Allow sufficient drying time between steps.

Step 1: Allow children to place red handprints on white paper to represent the red stripes on the American flag after demonstrating where the red paint is to be used and which area should remain white. If a child decides to paint his or her entire flag red do not make an issue if it. You can add white paint handprints in Step 2 or just enjoy the flag as the child has created it.

Step 2: Repeat process described above to create white stripes on the flag by painting handprints with white paint. You may choose to omit this step if you want a more short-term project (or if you don't happen to have any white paint).

Step 3: Provide each child with either a blue piece of construction cut to a square or allow children to marble paint an appropriate sized square of white paper with marbles and blue paint.

Step 4: Provide each child with a copy of the Stars Template. Allow children to cut their own stars whenever possible.

Step 5: Children will assemble the flag by placing the blue field and the white stars on their handprint flag.

Have fun!

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Special thanks to YardBunny for authorizing the use of her digital scrapbooking images which appear on this site and to AJ for designing this wonderful template!
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