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When a child is coloring he or she will also draw, write and doodle. This creative expression should never be discouraged. What one person may see as a ruined picture with random scribble should actually be viewed as a positive step in the progression of prewriting and emergent literacy skills; as well as increased development of hand-eye coordination.

Be forewarned; however, coloring pages tend to lose their charm and do not generally hold children's attention for an extended amount of time (which most parents know can lead to artistic expression on living room walls).

Whenever possible, couple with an art activity such as creating a frame for the child's masterpiece. Not only will this almost certainly guarantee more enjoyment of the project at hand, but you should also begin seeing your child exploring pre-literacy activities on his or her own.

Tiger Coloring Page
So, yes, printable pages can be a worth-while component of a child's early artistic experience; and yes, they can contribute to valuable early learning and development. Just make sure to provide a wide-range of opportunities for creative exploration and consistently praise your child's efforts.

Who knows, he or she may be selling artwork for millions of dollars one day and you will be able to pat yourself on the back for your contribution to the treasures enjoyed by art connoisseurs across the world...or not.

Maybe your reward will be a slightly different scenario; but either way, know that your positive guidance and encouragement plays a bigger role than any single craft project ever could!

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