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Learning Is the Goal

Remember: learning is the goal. Making the shift from keeping kids occupied to truly developing intellect, creativity and eagerness to learn is mostly a matter of decision. I have been guilty of giving my children activities to occupy their time; but they're smart. They always seem to know when I'm "phoning it in," so to speak. Whining is sure to ensue.

On the other hand, when I am at the top of my game and make a conscious effort to exude enthusiasm for the lesson at hand, a good time will be had by all - and homework will get done and we may even go out for ice cream, hooray!

The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away.   -B.B. King

Are you here to learn about child development in general? Are you looking for solid information on interacting with your child in preparation for his or her education? Maybe a little bit of both? Well, check out the ages and stages information below and see if your expectations are on target.

Also check out the links for printable activities. More will be added on a regular basis, so check back often!

Baby Development Stages - 0 to 18 months My baby is too young to play kid games. What types of activities are appropriate to her various infant developmental stages?

Toddler Development Stages - 18 months to 3 years
Big kid games are still a bit out of reach for this stage of toddler development. According to current child development information: early childhood activities for toddlers should include safe, stimulating games and music. Click the above link for ages stages child development tips appropriate to the toddler age group.

Pre-K Activities - 3 to 6 years
Once a child is three years old, he or she leaves toddler development stages behind and is ready to begin pre-k activities. (Heavy sigh.) Yes, your baby is growing up, right before your eyes.

Preschool activity ideas will include many of the same nurturing activities, learning games and musical routines you have already been enjoying with your child. The above ages stages child development link provides lots of free preschool activities for you to enjoy together.

Here are some activity pages to help you teach your little one all about shapes!

Early Childhood Activities - 6 to 9 years No longer babies or toddlers, children in this age group are ready to play kid games. The ages stages child development now begins to list young children activities for Grade 1 and above. (Heavy sigh, part II.) Yes: we are now facing... adolescence!
Teenage Puberty Development - 9 to 12 years
Wow: preteen puberty. Some consider this to be the toughest of the stages of child development. Others thrive with children (ahem, young men and women...) of this age group. They may roll their eyes and say they are too old and mature to play kid games, but watch out of the corner of your eye and you'll see that all of your digging and research of how to raise smart kids is beginning to pay off. Other times, you may just need to hose them down!

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