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Links We Love Volume 1: House and Home

I have long been known as one who knows her way around the Internet. The very fact that we are listed with Top Diva Sites - The Sites that Women LOVE! might just qualify me to consider myself a diva of sorts! I love suggesting links to friends and family, and decided to chronicle some of my most favorite finds. So, this first volume is for the homemaker (reluctant or otherwise) in all of us.

The FlyLady

It just would not be right if I did not put the FlyLady at the top of my list. I have been a FlyBaby off and on many times. I probably cried the first time I visited the Fly Lady website. I was not born organized as she might say. I love that she understands that those of us who may not be the most immaculate of housekeepers have a strange fascination with office supplies.

For those of us who put things off until later because we cannot completely finish them NOW are gently reminded to take baby steps. Even though my home is not perfect, it is so much better because of the FlyLady. She deserves a Nobel Peace Prize!

Anyway, the Fly Lady is #1 in my book (and I DO have one...). If you have not checked out her site, you owe it to yourself to make a visit to www.FlyLady.net

Mom of MomSaves.com

It's true... she is my real, biological, drove-me-to-get-my-first-set-of-contacts-in-a-flash-flood mother. I hope she doesn't mind my revealing her secret identity. The truth is, this woman knows how to pinch a penny better than anyone! If you need a coupon organizer; her website: MomSaves.com shares all of the secrets about coupon shopping, coupon organizing, rebates, loss-leaders, and loads of other ways to save money. It is amazing how she links it all together. Let my Mom be your guide to shopping, saving and sharing.

The Hip Homemaker
Laurie: The Hip Homemaker

I do not persoanlly know Laurie, but I am guessing she has a Sanguine personality. You can follow her adventures as The Hip Homemaker on her website, forums, her shared blog, her Twitter... you get the picture.

The Hip Homemaker features recipes, cleaning tips, holidays ideas, mommy humor, family fun activities, date night ideas, tips on going green, etc. You will also find tips and advice regarding homemaking techniques that are both modern and traditional. Topics covered include frugal living, clever crafts, recipes and cleaning tips. Oh, and she has great contests, too!

Hamster Palace

Hamster Palace
Okay, not everyone has hamsters, but if you do, you will consider this a completely appropriate place for me to review this link. Even if you are like me and do not have this type of pet, you can learn all about hamsters, hamster care, dwarf hamsters, syrian hamsters and well, all types of hamsters.

This site hosts a gallery of hamster pictures and videos submitted by site visitors and you know what that means... your cute hamster, funny hamsters doing the hamster dance in their hamster cages, or hampton the hamster playing hamster games could be famous!

So, if you have been looking for links on hamster information, advice on hamster illnesses, and/or hamster facts, the Hamster-Palace.com would be your one stop source.

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