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Top Secret Map of our Super-Secret Underground Lair

Okay, it's not exactly a map of an underground lair like that. It's more of a site index or a veritable menu of crafty fabulousity. Yeah, fabulousity. I just made that word up. Well, I thought I did. Turns out it was already in the Urban Dictionary.

Sooo... given the fact that many of our themes overlap in one way or another: this page is an attempt at a more visual index. We hope this assists you on your quest for high-quality, early childhood educational materials. Check back often, we are always adding something new.

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(Get it? Sometimes we use cotton swabs or other somewhat offbeat supplies for arts and crafts projects. Yeah, I'm sure I didn't need to explain that.) Anyway, thanks for visiting the site, and please Contact Us to let us know if there is something specific we can help you put together.

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Home
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Home
Quality-Kids-Crafts.com is dedicated to providing free kids educational printables, printable activities for kids, and even draw and write templates for kids crafts. Children's crafts have long been a passion for us and we are happy to make them available for you to print for free.

We only just started this site in May 2008, so please do keep checking back. We will be adding printable games for toddlers (like file folder games for color recognition, matching skills, sorting and grouping, etc.), and lots of fun surprises - so don't miss out!

Bookmark us, add us to your favorites, write our address on your mousepad, whatever you have to do! Or, come to think of it, you could sign up for our free monthly newsletter: Cute Tips for exclusive craft tips, suggestions and contests. Just add your first name and email address in the box above and we promise to send you one (yes, just one!) monthly message and pinky swear that we won't ever, ever, ever share your email address for other people to send you all kinds of crazy stuff.

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Activities
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Activities


Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Banners
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Banners
Free Printable Banners. Oh, yes. Printable Banners for kids, or really anyone who wants to print them out, I guess. Who could ask for anything more? Well, actually, you can! We love to receive special requests. Just visit our Contact Us page and let us know what you might be looking for.

Birthday Banners
Father's Day Banners

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Birthday Crafts
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Birthday Crafts

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Books
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Books

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Coloring Pages
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Coloring Pages
Printable Animal Coloring Pages
Printable Fruit Coloring Pages
Printable Mandala Coloring Pages
Printable Nursery Rhyme Mini-Books

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Contact Us
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Contact Us

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Crafts
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Crafts

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Fathers Day
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Fathers Day
Yes, we have Father's Day crafts for school children, Fathers Day printable banners, Father's Day songs for children, Father Day craft ideas for toddlers, free printable Father's Day cards, and so much more.

Father's Day Banners

If you're looking for a printable banner, you came to the right place! We have printable Happy Father's Day banners on this page. Where else would they be, silly?

Father's Day Books

Fathers Day Free Printable Cards
Maybe you want to remember Grandpa on this special day. Here is a grandpa printable card.

Father's Day Music
On this page you will find suggestions for music that you might want to put together for a Father's Day party, or as a unique gift. A few of our favorites are Barry Franklin My Father's Day and Ron Brown Dear Old Dad.

Fathers Day Songs, Poems and Rhymes
On this page you will find Father's Day songs for children to learn and sing for Dad (preferably without food in their mouths!).
The poem is a little longer, but could be used as a writing activity for a school age child to make into a Father's Day card.

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Learning
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Learning

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Links
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Links

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Puppets
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Puppets

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Recipes
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Recipes

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Seasonal
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Seasonal

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Supplies
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Supplies

Quality-Kids-Crafts.com Templates
Quality-Kids-Crafts: Templates

This is the end of the Map: you know the one, it's the map, it's the map, it's the map...
(oh, sorry!).

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