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Quality-Kids Crafts: Puppets

This is one of my favorite categories of kids crafts because puppets are so versatile. They can be made from paper bags, envelopes, plain paper, socks, felt, paper mache, you name it!

Do not forget to think outside the box. While you could glue or tape the templates to a craft stick; it would not be difficult to adapt them to a set of finger puppets.

You don't have to limit their use, either. The printables are free, so be creative!

Here are a few styles to get you started:

If you use these patterns with a zoo unit or for an alphabet birthday party or something great like that, please Contact Us and if you are willing to share photos of your activity, we would be thrilled to post them on our site.

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Special thanks to YardBunny for authorizing the use of her digital scrapbooking images which appear on this site and to AJ for designing this wonderful template!
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