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Kids Crafts: Olympic Torch

What better than a kids crafts paper torch to kick off the 2008 Summer Olympics in style?

Printable Olympic Relay Torch Craft
This year there has been controversy over the Olympic torch, but that will not keep kids from wanting to have a pretend relay. As a warning: if your child makes one of these torch crafts, he or may be inclined to use it for a telescope and/or megaphone. Hopefully that is okay with you if they use their imaginations!

Regardless of how you feel about human rights in Tibet or the propane vs. old-style torch controversy; the torch itself is steeped in history and symbolism. This means there are teaching opportunities for you as a parent, teacher and caregiver. Aside from the very most basic teachable moments the Olympic Games have to offer of colors, numbers and letters; here are a couple of our suggestions (in no particular order):

From using scissors safely to not beating your sibling or friend over the head with toys and of course the ever-important lesson of fire safety, this craft opens up opportunities to discuss safety with children. This is a good place to mention that Quality-Kids-Crafts.com does not endorse lighting this or any of our craft projects on fire. Thanks!

For those of us who have had the pleasure of witnessing the ongoing development of small children, let us imagine what the relay race would be like if the olympic torch bearer did not want to share. In the history of the highly publicized relay, it is unlikely that any runners (or swimmers or hot air balloon passengers) have thrown themselves to the ground kicking and screaming: "mine, Mine, MINE!!!" at the top of their lungs. So, yes - sharing is good. The illustration to the right contains some of the other values that can be discussed as referenced in TOPAZ Magazine.

It is true: our children are more overweight than ever. If you care to see the statistics relating to childhood obesity, please visit the American Heart Association.

Visit this link to see how one mom put together a super-cool Olympics birthday party for her daughter. It might inspire you to put together your own summer olympics sports center in your backyard! Just don't forget to open it up with an olympic torch relay.

What better opportunity than the Olympic Games to discuss with children the issues of cultural diversity and heritage? The spirit of the Olympics is a beautiful way to teach children that people from all over the world have talents, personality, ambition and so much more - and that we're really not that different after all!

Oh, sorry, I got carried away there.You are probably looking for where you can download the torch (pictured above) and instructions on how to make it. Here you go!

Step 1
Gather the following supplies:

  • Red construction paper (1 sheet per torch) This will form the bottom portion of your olympic torch.
  • Clear tape (the fast way) or Glue (if you are more patient than my crew)
  • Yellow and orange tissue paper (or white tissue paper to color like flames)
  • Optional: Small picture of child, Silver permanent marker or paint pen
Example of Torch Template
Step 2
Print olympic torch template for top portion of torch.
Note: If you can not print the template in color, simply allow child to paint or color the template
with a red marker or crayon.

Step 3
Decorate as desired. You may place a picture of child on the rectangle above the Text "Beijing 2008" or have child add his or her own illustration like we did on our olympic torch.

Step 4
Shape the papers into a subtle cone shape as seen in picture at top of this page.
Secure with tape and/or glue.

Step 5
Shape the tissue paper to resemble a flame. Tape or glue to secure.

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Special thanks to YardBunny for authorizing the use of her digital scrapbooking images which appear on this site and to AJ for designing this wonderful template!
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