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Animal Coloring Pages

Each animal in this coloring page series has a corresponding craft stick puppet at this link.

As with all of our coloring pages, I like to mention that you are not limited to crayons! Colored pencils, markers, watercolor paints, finger paint, chalk, pastels, ink pads, etc. can be great additions to your stash of craft supplies. Arts and crafts projects are great ways to inspire creativity in a child, so make sure you have a wide variety of materials on hand. I would also like to point out that while these free printable coloring pages are terrific for a zoo theme, but could also be used for a jungle theme, safari, ocean creatures or any number of early childhood lesson plan themes. Feel free to Contact Us to let us know how you use them!

Free Coloring Page: Ape Free Coloring Page: Bear Free Coloring Page: Camel Free Coloring Page: Dolphin Free Coloring Page: Elephant
  • Letter A: Ape (zoo animals)

  • Letter B: Bear (camping, safety, zoo babies)

  • Letter C: Camel (desert animals, zoo)

  • Letter D: Dolphin (fish, ocean creatures, water fun)

  • Letter E: Elephant (circus, color - gray, jungle, opposites - large and small, safari theme, zoo friends)

Free Coloring Page: Flamingo Free Coloring Page: Giraffe Free Coloring Page: Hippo Free Coloring Page: Iguana Free Coloring Page: Jellyfish
  • Letter F: Flamingo (birds, color - pink, zoo)

  • Letter G: Giraffe (colors - brown, yellow, jungle, safari theme, opposites - short and tall, zoo)

  • Letter H: Hippo (opposites - big and little, zoo)

  • Letter I: Iguana (reptiles, opposites - big and little, zoo)

  • Letter J: Jellyfish (fish, ocean, water fun)

Free Coloring Page: Kangaroo Free Coloring Page: Lion Free Coloring Page: Monkey Free Coloring Page: Nightingale
  • Letter K: Kangaroo (jungle, mother's day, number 2, safari theme, zoo animals)

  • Letter L: Lion (circus, jungle, safari theme, zoo)

  • Letter M: Monkey (jungle, safari theme, zoo)

  • Letter N: Nightingale (bird)

Free Coloring Page: Octopus Free Coloring Page: Peacock Free Coloring Page: Quail Free Coloring Page: Rhino
  • Letter O: Octopus (number 8, ocean creatures, under the sea theme, zoo)

  • Letter P: Peacock (bird, colors - blue, green, purple)

  • Letter Q: Quail (bird)

  • Letter R: Rhino (jungle, opposites - big and small, safari theme, zoo)

Free Coloring Page: Seal Free Coloring Page: Tiger Free Coloring Page: Umbrella Bird Free Coloring Page: Vulture
  • Letter S: Seal (circus, zoo)

  • Letter T: Tiger (circus, colors - orange, black, jungle, safari theme, zoo)

  • Letter U: Umbrella Bird (birds)

  • Letter V: Vulture (birds, zoo)

Free Coloring Page: Walrus Free Coloring Page: X-Ray Fish Free Coloring Page: Yak Free Coloring Page: Zebra
  • Letter W: Walrus (zoo)

  • Letter X: X-Ray Fish (fish, ocean)

  • Letter Y: Yak (zoo)

  • Letter Z: Zebra (colors - black, white, jungle, safari theme, zoo)

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